Paper on Langston Hughes Philosophy on His Writing

Topics: Poetry, England, English poets Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: August 8, 2007
Low, Bernadette Flynn. "The Flea." Masterplots II Poetry Series. Ed. Philip K. Jason. Vol.3. Pasadena, CA.: Salem Press, 2002. 1388-1390.

In John Donne's poem "The Flea" he discusses the erotic treatment of women. Donne is trying to convince a woman that they should make love. Bernadette Flynn Low discusses this poem is a love poem with a difference. Low explains Donne's approach is different and a new thing for poetry. Donne's writing style of this poem had a strong influence on his contemporaries. "It was studied by Dr. Samuel Johnson in the 18th century, then by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the 19th century, and had a big influence on T.S. Eliot in the 20th century amongst other poets" (1389-1390). Low did not consider John Donne a professional poet, he was just a man who wrote poems as a small part of his life. Most of Donne's poems are considered to be very much alike. The poems all describe some type of love and different moods, then go on to "explore secure and happily married love and religious love" (1390). Low makes a good point with the way she has analyzed Donne's poems. Through this we are able to get an idea of how Donne may have wanted us to read and understand his poetry style. I agree with what Low is saying about "The Flea" as well as how Donne is being interpreted. I have had the pleasure of reading a few of Donne's major works. After reading how Low has analyzed and broke down his writing style it makes them easy to understand what's being said. I like Donne's writing style, he is writer who really expresses his feelings about women. I most admire how he does not hold anything back is his poems, they are very upfront and straight to the point.
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