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Paper 6 – Intramuros Augustine Ignatius V. Ong Vaño 56

Last Saturday, July 20, I took the trip to Intramuros alone. I thought I would have appreciated the trip better if I did it by myself. So I took the train ride to Central Station and took the walk to the entrance of the historic “Walled City.” It was my first time visiting Intramuros and my only knowledge of the geography of the place was just a screenshot of the streets via Google Maps. I was not really sure where I was going, but I realized only after the trip that it was a good experience to “get lost” in Intramuros.

I entered through the gate along Anda Street and the first thing I noticed was the presence of security guards wearing nice blue uniforms with large hats. I only found out later that they were wearing Guardia Civil attire and it did add a Spanish touch, as well as added security in the district. I would see dozens of them during my trip. The first museum I visited was the Kaisa Heritage Center as it was the one closest to where I entered. One officer was kind enough to direct to me to the museum and I found myself walking along Anda Street. It was not long before I saw a kalesa making its way through the old streets of Intramuros. The streets did feel old and also most of the buildings along the road looked old and had a hint of Spanish influence. And as I was walking to the Kaisa Heritage Center, I passed by the Palacio del Sana, which was the first clear tribute to the Spanish influence I saw. It was painted in the unmistakable bright red and yellow colors of the Spanish flag.

After my tour of the Heritage Center, my next stop was the Casa Manila at the Plaza San Luis Complex. As I got closer, I noticed the concrete streets turn into cobblestone and the buildings had more of that Spanish tinge. The area around the Plaza San Luis Complex, which is situated just across the San Agustin Church and Museum, was clearly restored and maintained to recreate Intramuros as it was...
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