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This paper illustrates the concept of Business Intelligence as a stored knowledge of the company that can be developed and organized for better and effective decision making process. It synthesizes the concept of business intelligence and introduces the BI information system software that can harness all the needed information and data for decision makers. This process is placed in the context of mid size companies in Saudi Arabia for them to gain competitive advantage. The methodology of the research is qualitative hence secondary resources such books, reference materials, on line articles on BI, IT journals on PDF served as the basis of discussion. Five people were also interviewed to solicit their personal views regarding BI systems on their decisions making process. The findings of the study revealed that mid size companies in Saudi Arabia lack the proper knowledge and orientation on BI solution. Their market position has been heavily affected because of their incapacity to provide their firms with Information Technology based BI solution. In the recommendation, the author suggested practical approaches as well as theoretical solution to upgrade their company’s competitive advantage.

I – Introduction

The world’s business environment today needs accurate, reliable, and well founded information and reporting so that consumers and producers are always updated on the current global at local financial situation. Hence, several enterprise and IT software are assiduously spearheading an advanced solution to meet the business demands. But very little attention has been given to delivery methods for business intelligence content, classic report generation, and production. Business intelligence concept is swarming the industry and several financial institutions are talking about it in the grapevine. Business intelligence has become a passion to several company managers and searching to find out the BI concept. New as it is in the financial industry, business intelligence application has already been a solution to many offices and homes before it was finally compressed as a soft ware. As businesses became more competitive and each one sought for competitive advantage, a need for superior application and technology started to be highly in demand. Cindi Howson (2008) believes that the purpose of BI solution is to assist enterprise users with excellent spreadsheets, reporting, auditing, business strategies and implementations. Business Intelligence solution is known in the industry today as the latest and superior application in information technology. R.L. Fielding (2008) on the other hands pointed out that information technology is seemingly unstoppable and the longer it stays in the industry it continues to show greater impact in the business environment. That is why competition is concentrated on how to establish a stronger information system that could keep up with the competitive environment. Aside from the Soft ware Application Program (SAP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Personal Digital Assistance (PDA) and many more, the IT environment recently added the Business Intelligence (BI) solution on its market offerings. This paper is an attempt to illustrate one of the superior applications for gathering, analyzing, computing, and providing access to data known today as Business Intelligence solution. It aims to gather and present relevant facts about the BI solutions that would contribute to the general perception of this new tool in the IT market today.

This report is worth reading because at the core of every competitive business intelligence approaches is a solid reporting solution. This paper unearths once again the recent innovations in a concrete reporting solution and the new innovations in reporting technology.

111. Review of Related Literatures

This chapter contains the discussion on the literature of...
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