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Topics: Sexual harassment, Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: November 11, 2008
In October 1991., a woman by the name of Anita Hill brought out allegations against Clarence Thomas. Anita Hill argued that Clarence Thomas, a perspective supreme court judge, sexually harassed her at work and outside of work. Anita explained that Clarence continuously pressured her about going on dates and speaking of other sexual matters. Though Anita spoke of these matters in court no one knew of these matters to be happening. Fearing to lose her job, Anita went along with the pressuring until she reached her breaking point of going public. Although Anita’s testimony sounds very factual, the article points out some discrepancies in the case. Firstly, if Anita were uncomfortable with Clarence’s actions she should have gone public when it first happened. Secondly, Anita never seemed to dislike the matters enough to put a halt on them. Lastly, Anita knowing that she hated the situation in which she was in she should have not taken the second job under Clarence Thomas. Anita had all of the time in the world at go public with this case against Clarence. She went along with these things for as long as she could. Instead of immediately going to the press, she waited to see how things would end up if she continued to work for Clarence Thomas. True enough she told her friend but she did not want to her friends to let anyone know of these issues. Anita waited until Clarence was close to the election before coming forward with the allegations. This was because she knew that Clarence could no longer be with her and she would no longer be I his main attention. If Anita truly disliked the matters that Clarence pressured her about she would have became anger at some point. She spoke of trying to change the subject on of sex several times but never succeeded. If she really wanted to stop Clarence she should have taken an aggressive approach at ending the conversations. Instead Anita continued to prolong the matter without seriously trying to end...
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