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Section 6
Pulp & Paper Industry
Process Flow
Data Sheets
Pulp & Paper : Production Process and Energy Saving Technology Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-PE-5 Oxygen delignification for delignification process of chemical pulp
PP-ME-9 Medium-concentration chemical mixer in oxygen
delignification and bleaching processes for
manufacturing chemical pulp
Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-PE-1 Improvement of chemical pulp cooking process for
energy saving
PP-PE-2 Medium-concentration replacement-type pulp washer
for pulp manufacturing
Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-PE-3 Secondary separation pulper in maceration process of waste paper
PP-PE-6 High-concentration pulper for maceration process of
waste paper
PP-ME-10 Integration of punched metal screen, slit screen and maceration machine for processing waste paper
PP-ME-11 Multi-functional combined screen for waste paper
Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-ME-14 AC driving of paper-making machine and winder
PP-ME-15 Rotation control of equipment in paper-making
Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-ME-3 Dryer with dryer bars installed inside for paper-making machine
PP-ME-4 Installation of steam-recompression heat pump on
paper-making dryer
PP-OM-1 Improvement of dryer part hood to closed type
PP-OM -2 Energy saving of vacuum pump for paper-making
Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-ME-7 Heat recovery by sludge incinerator
PP-ME-8 Re-powering system and gas turbine waste heat boiler Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-ME-1 High-temperature odorless Heat Recovery Boiler
PP-ME -2 Plate-type multi-effect liquid-film evaporator for
condensing black liquor of chemical pulp
Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-ME-5 Heat recovery from thermo-mechanical pulp (TMP) in
mechanical pulp manufacturing process
PP-OM-3 Energy efficient production process of thermomechanical pulp (TMP)
Item No. Technology Item/Title
PP-PE-4 High-concentration size press
PP-ME-6 High efficiency dehydrator for dryer of paper-making machine
PP-ME-12 Energy saving in crown controlling roll
PP-ME-13 High-temperature soft calender for paper making
[Energy Source]
[Practical Use]
[Industry Classification]
[Technology Classification]
Energy Conservation Directory
Modification of the cooking process for manufacturing
chemical pulp for energy saving
Production Equipment
Shape, and/or
Energy saving
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Pulp & Paper
Cooking in pulp manufacturing is a process which processes wood into pulp by removing unnecessary lignin component, normally done by cooking wood chips under pressure in a digester with white liquor, an aqueous solution containing caustic soda and sodium sulfide at a ratio of 7 to 3. Formerly, this operation was done in batch digesters with which it was difficult to recover waste heat when a batch of cooking operation was done. The batch operation was also associated with environmental problems. As a measure to solve these problems, the continuous digester has been developed, with resultant improvement in energy saving. Fig. 1 illustrates a flow of the continuous cooking system.

Fig. 1 Conceptual flow diagram of continuous cooking
[Countercurrent continuous digester]
Formerly, the entire white liquor for the batch was added at once. The continuous digester injects the white liquor to the bottom and middle of the digester column from which the liquor flows upward inside the column countercurrently to the

movement of the wood chips. This system allows mild and
uniform cooking.
[Isothermal continuous digester] (Refer to Fig. 2.)
The temperature of the washing zone at the bottom of the column was raised to make the temperature of the whole digester
uniform to further complete uniform cooking.
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