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Topics: Ruler, Mass, Measurement Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Internal Assessment
15 March 2012
With a sheet of paper and a paper clip, the teacher made a helicopter. It twisted and followed a straight line fall. My objective is to find if there is a proportional relation between the weigh you add to the helicopter, with the stability and the speed.

I´m going to analyze what happens to the acceleration and stability of the helicopter when the weight of the clip differs. How does the weight of the clip influence the speed and stability of the helicopter? I think that the velocity of the falling helicopter is directly proportional to the weight of the clip. The more weight it has the more stable and fast it is going to be. W= weight S= stability P= speed

W α S α P
So my independent variable is the weight of the clip, because depending on the clip´s weight I’m going to obtain the Speed and the stability, which are the dependent variables. Note: The stability is going to be measured form 1 to 5, where 1 is perfectly stable and 5 not stable and added to the next criteria: (it isn´t relevant if it reached the bottom in the released position). This criteria is based on what you can observe during the experiment, it has to be averaged. 1) The helicopter reached the bottom without any turns, a 90 ° free fall and in straight line. 2) The helicopter reached the bottom with some minimal turns and a small diversion in the straight line fall. 3) The helicopter reached the bottom tumbling and a major diversion in the straight line fall. 4) The helicopter reached the bottom tumbling and away from the falling line overtaking a 30 cm measure. 5) The helicopter stumbled too much and fell 1 m away from the falling line. My materials are:

* A box of clips.
* Several sheets of paper
* Scissors
* A measuring tape.
* Tape
* A chair (for throwing the helicopter from several distances) * A chronometer
* A ruler
The experiment is going to be done in 50 minutes, from...
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