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Employment and Academic Achievement

Research Topic
Individual’s academic achievement is very important for each and every one life because it can represent their intelligent, morality and personality (Sophie, Benedikt, Premuezic, Tomas, 2011) and also will give them with opportunity to start their life or getting a job. Due to the fact that there are a number of factors with affect students’ academic achievement, most of which are teachers and students’ ability, financial support and emotional support from surrounding environment, individual’s commitment, and so on, more importantly is part-time job which are still in controversy because to some extent it provides benefit and for some reason it provides nothing but downgrading the success. There have been many questions from group of students as well as their parents and researchers on whether student should work in their academic life or just focus only on study, besides this some students also do two or more degrees at the same time, so are these problems affect students academic achievement or not (Green, 1987)? Some people believe that students who are either employed as part time staff or study two universities at the same time can provide them with benefits while the other sides believe that it might offer no advantages or less benefit. Students will gain benefit, to some extent, if their work and their major in university are correlated with each other which means that that job substitutes or complements their skills and experience that are useful after they graduate and for those who pursue two degree at the same time. For example, students who study Law and International Relation facilitate themselves faster than the others who do not attain the course because International Relation also focuses on Law as well (Dallam & Hoyt, 1981). Although it does so, still it affects the performance in class because of busy timetable. On the other hand, the employment also affects their academic performance as well. Due to the fact that studying and making money, people generally prioritize money, so student might put a great deal of effort on work and sometimes take the school for granted for example, they do not have time to finish their homework and do not participate in often on the grounds that they need time to relax and revive their power after they work (Miller, 1997; King, 1998).

Statement of Problem
The Policy on Research Development in the Education Sector of Cambodia focuses on enhancing the quality of education, increasing new knowledge and developing the society, economy and culture as Cambodia Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport states (MOEYS, 2012). Moreover, MOEYS says “education for sustainable national development demands that the country pays more attention to improving education strategies and developing the research capacity of higher education institutions throughout Cambodia” (MOEYS, 2012).The project of examining the effect of part-time job of university students on the academic achievement that is going to be conducted can be part to develop education in Cambodia. Associated with the relationship between work on the academic achievement might result from the continually rising the tuitions and fees, and the desire to gain social experiences (Zhang & Johnston, 2008). Moreover, the trend of increasing number of student working longer than before in order to support their education is becoming significant spot (Bradley, 2006). Some previous research had been conducted in the ideas of viewing the negative impacts of part time job on the students’ academic achievement. Wenz and Yu (2010) state that employment provides the negative impact on the academic achievement in term of students’ grade point average which have falling by 0.07 point per hour (Wenz & Yu, 2010). Moreover, the result has shown that students who work for with financial purpose earn lover grade than those with career specific skill but for general work...

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