Paper Discussion Internationalizing The SME

Topics: Management, Firm, Management styles Pages: 4 (2133 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Paper discussion Internationalizing the SME

The paper The influence of the Management team’s international experience on the internationalization behaviors of SME written by Reuber and Fischer concentrates on the role of the management team’s international experience for the internationalization of Canadian software product firms. The paper is going to explain why internationally experienced management teams have greater tendency to develop foreign partner networks, which concludes to a higher degree of internationalization. The paper starts with the general aim of SME’s to act internationally by doing business out of their domestic market. However, SME’s are mostly disadvantaged in entering and expanding sales internationally because of a lack of skills and resources. Those resources might be financially but also lack of management skills. The aim of the discussed paper is to analyze the relationship between management’s international experience and the internationalization of SME’s. For the analyze the authors decided to choose the technical software industry because of a domination of new, small, entrepreneurial ventures and low barriers to entry in that industry. Moreover, decision makers like CEOs have a high degree of discretion in this industry. Previous studies and papers we read before talked already about top manager’s exposure to foreign markets on a firm’s internationalization behavior. A lot of characteristics have been found out that might be influence the firm’s performance. So, in this paper this research will extend in two ways. Firstly by specifying the experience of decision makers as a whole and secondly by specifying the way in which management experience is related to the firm’s internationalization. One result that McDougall and her colleagues found out is the founding of most born globals by a team of individual with international experience. The role of the management team becomes an important point comparing it with the single top...
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