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Topics: Drinkware, Temperature, Environment Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: May 13, 2013
I’m a of CABALA paper cup company. Now, I’ll introduce the advantages and after-sales service about our company’s unique designed paper cup. Let’s begin with the advantages of the new production—with handle paper cup. CABALA paper cup has six mainly advantages. Environmentally friendly, assures products, easy hand-held, multifunctional, product diversity, and the best production environment and the best production services. Let’s look at the environmentally friendly first. Our company’s paper cup is made of natural substances—hemp, which is without any pollution and low cost. In the meanwhile, use the hemp as main raw material also reduces the felling of trees. For another, our paper cup is recyclable and therefore helps reduce our carbon footprint.

The second is our CABALA paper cup is assured products. No fluorescent whitening agent so that will not cause harm to humans. However, traditional paper cup almost use fluorescent whitening agent and cause some damage on the human body .

The third advantage is easy hand-held. Traditional paper cup no handle and not good to take, very easy to spill. Our new product with a folding handle can easy to hold and avoid the problem about difficult to hand of traditional paper cup.

Next is multifunctional. Our paper cup can be used for both hot and cold beverage drinking. It has good heat resistance and high temperature soak is also non-toxic and harmless. However, most of the disposable cups in the market is for cold drinks—used to hold carbonated. In addition, when the loaded liquid temperature exceeds 62 degrees Celsius, cup will become soft.

Besides, our company has the best production environment: The best clean environment and the most advanced equipment. The best production services: The most dedicated employees and Best craft.

Moreover, Chinese annual sale of 10 billion Paper cups, Very few recycling. Our company’s after-service is aim to eco-friendly. There is a recyclable plan, 1000 old...
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