Paper Chromatography Lab

Topics: Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis, Solubility Pages: 4 (876 words) Published: April 21, 2014

Paper Chromatography Lab
Alyssa Voigt
November 7th, 2013
Mr. Steenholdt

Paper Chromatography Lab

Purpose: to separate the various photosynthetic pigments of Spinacia oleracea leaves. Materials: - methanol
- water
- filter paper
- sand
- test tube
- 10 S. oleracea leaves
- 2 wooden splints
- mortar
- pestle
Method: First, 10 S. oleracea leaves were gathered. A piece of filter paper, a wooden splint, a mortar and pestle were also gathered. The leaves were placed inside the mortar, filling the mortar approximately half full. The leaves were then crushed with the pestle. Sand, water and methanol were added and then the leaves were crushed again. This was repeated until the leaves had reached the consistency of a soupy green paste. The leaf extract (soupy green paste) was strained, removing the fibrous spinach paste, which was placed into the garbage, and leaving the liquid leaf extract. The wooden splint was dipped into the leaf extract and then traced in a thin straight line onto the filter paper. The filter paper was allowed to dry for approximately 2 minutes. The next coat could not be applied until the paper was completely dry. The process was repeated 10 times, from dip, trace and drying. A test tube was gathered as well as methanol and a second wooden splint. The wooden splint was pierced through the top of the filter paper and then the filter paper was placed into the empty test tube. It was measured how much methanol would be needed so that the tip of the filter paper was submerged but the extract line was not submerged. After measurement, the filter paper was removed from the test tube. The methanol was poured into the test tube up to the measured fill point. The filter paper was then carefully inserted so that it never touched the edges of the test tube. The test tube was carefully placed vertically into a test tube holder and allowed to absorb methanol for 45 minutes. After the...
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