Paper Charcoal

Topics: Sole proprietorship, Marketing, Business Pages: 15 (3476 words) Published: September 14, 2013

A Feasibility Study
Presented to the Faculty and Staff
Malvar, Santiago City
In Partial Fulfilment of
The Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

July 2013

I dedicate this piece to all people who supported me during this study. To those who share ideas for the improvement of this research work. To our Almighty God who gave me enough strength to finish this work. I dedicate this to my family, friends, and to all people who are close to my heart. This piece of work is humbly dedicated.

I would like to acknowledge and express my profound gratitude to the following persons who rendered their support for the completion of this business.
First, my devoted parents together with my brothers and sisters who are always in my side, giving their moral and spiritual support. They gave me encouragement and inspiration to push through with this study.

Secondly, to IJMS College department faculty and staff, to my instructors especially to Mr. John Ryan Baltazar who taught me how to do this business work and how to come up with it. I want to give thanks to my friends for helping and giving their full support in the fulfilment of this business work.

Above all, to God for His power, grace and wisdom for without him this work cannot be completed.

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), This Feasibility Study entitled Charcoal Paper at Sagana, Santiago City, Isabela has been prepared and submitted by, Febbie Rose Caparas who is hereby recommended for presentation and oral examination.

The undersigned panellist attended oral orientation and examination of this feasibility study on the ___day of July 2013.

Elizabeth B. Ongcuangco

Reynalda TamaniJohn Ryan Baltazar
Member Member

Accepted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

John Ryan Baltazar

1.1 Name of the firm: The name of the firm is Paper Charcoal Factory 1.2 Location of the Firm: The firm is located at Sagana Santiago City 1.3 Brief Description of the Project:
This business proposal named the Paper Charcoal Factory which is a sole proprietorship business the establishment is located at Barangay Sagana P-4 Santiago City. The factoring area will be open from Monday to Saturday from 6’oclock in the morning to 8’oclock in the evening. Paper Charcoal will be an establishment that offers the product of charcoal made up of used papers. This charcoal is an alternative for cooking. It is cheaper and environmental friendly than other known charcoal products. It can be used by the people who preferred to cook economocally, especially those who are dependent on charcoal for cooking. 2. Project Summary

2.1 Market Feasibility
The Paper Charcoal Factory is a business attempt that introduces a charcoal made up of used papers. Though there are some places here in Santiago City who has the knowledge of making and using Paper Charcoal, they are not considered a business competitor. They just made paper charcoal for their own consumptions but not as a business. There are varieties of wood charcoals in the City which other people sell. Early in the morning the vendors of wood charcoals are waiting along the highways and in the market selling in retails. Some vendors use techniques of house to house selling. They are my great competitors. The Paper Charcoal is cheaper than the wood charcoal and it is environmental friendly. We don’t need to cut trees devastating just to make wood charcoals that may cause...
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