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Topics: Mediation, United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Advocacy Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: August 26, 2013
The Veteran’s Administration (VA) utilizes a combination of mediation and advocacy methods. They offer services of a wide range to Veterans of war. After proper diagnosis of their ailments, treatment plans and goals for recovery are made by a “gatekeeper” type person who sets up initial services and assigns them an advocate to help the client as they begin the programing (Lomas & Berman, 1983). The advocate will meet with, listen to and then evaluate the situations pertinent to the client and help the client prioritize the issues, set goals and obtain services that are needed while providing support for the client so they can reach the goals that have been set. The advocates primary interest is to insure good service for the client. This is done by making sure the needs of the client are met. In the event, for example, of a conflict such as the client has a problem with one of his service providers. The client is unable to talk openly with the therapist that has been assigned his case. The advocate will be made aware of the issue and will attempt to mediate between the client and medical provider. In the event that nothing can be worked out, the advocate will help the client obtain another provider by helping them lobby for a person more compatible with the client. The goal, in this case, would be to find a provider with whom the client can connect with and work well with. The three sites that were reviewed previously have been summarized and the notation of whether they offer any type of assistance to the population of veterans is as follows: offered a variety of places to go to find advocacy training and basic mediation skills in the local area of the searcher. Detailed explanations of what to expect from both services are also provided as well as interviews from professionals across the country. Available also on this website are professionals skilled in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a disorder very common to veterans. Therefore making...

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