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Topics: Employment, Conflict, Dispute resolution Pages: 6 (1790 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Question 1
1.1. Identified three possible causes of conflict and their discussion at Willows Discount Stores.

Conflict in the workplace environment is regarded as a normal by product of all human interaction by most informed people. Three possible causes of conflict and their causes at Willows Discount Stores are discussed below:-

* Differences in attitude
If there are differences in attitude it is very difficult to overcome in an attempt at conflict resolution, because a certain attitude may remain, even if there is a proof that the beliefs and values on which is based are false. Conflict can therefore only be resolved by creating new positive attitude, and not by altering old, negative ones. * Information differences

If employees are able to retrieve and interpret information which was withheld by the employer, this may cause conflict. At different levels, the nature and extend of information available to groups may vary and this can cause conflict.

* Lack of common objective

The existence of common objective orientates the behaviour of individuals of groups in question towards the achievement of the objective. If an organisation have no common objective with regard to a certain matter, this will likely result in chaos.

Mr Jack Mabena as an accountant at Wilows Discount Stores find it difficult to allow Ms Susan Dlamini to be favoured with job assignments and compensation while she stated wrong information about her qualifications in the contact of employment (she stated that she had Bcom degree).

Mr Jack Mabena does not consider the objective of the company to save R250 000 per year that Susan’s software programme can implement. Jack Mabena’s concern is to compete for limited resources as a qualified accountant.

Mr Jack Mabena also thought that Susan Dlamini is favoured as a woman so he developed a negative attitude towards Jenny Young. 1.2. Two types of conflict that are prevalent at Willows Discount Stores and what they entail. * Real conflict

This the final stage of a conflict episode between people, it is also sometimes referred to as ‘substantive conflict’. This conflict exists between persons or groups, or when there is competition for limited resources. Jack Mabena and Susan Dlamini are competing for job assignments and compensation which are regarded as limited resources.

* Destructive conflict

This is more of traditional approach which result in win/lose relationship, whereas one party has lost in the competition for the limited resources. Mr Jack Mabena‘s demand that Susan be dismissed is regarded as the destructive conflict resolution process.

Susan Dlamini’s gross misconduct deserves to be fired as she indicated on the application form that she met all requirements while she does not have a Bcom degree which was reflected as a requirement. The conflict type will be regarded as destructive, because it will result in win/lose relationship as a dismissal.

Question 2
2.1. Grievance procedure that can be followed by Jack Mabena to resolve this matter. An employer needs to follow a certain procedure in order for his grievance to be resolved. This procedure helps to address grievances as early as possible at the lowest possible organisational or managerial level. When Jack Mabena expressed his frustration at Willows Discount Stores orally it was regarded as a complaint because no formal procedure was activated. If the complaint of Mr Jack Mabena is not resolved up to his satisfaction, then he will eventually trigger a formal procedure to register it as grievance. If a formal grievance is not properly dealt with by the management, the term dispute is applied. The term dispute is applied to grievances as soon as a shop steward is involved or if is referred to external procedure. The dispute refers to failure to reach favourable outcome after all steps in grievance procedures have been exhausted.

2.2. The relevant steps that Jack Mabena should use as...
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