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Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Science

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Program: Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Engineering
Course Number IND605
Course Title Experimental Design and Quality Assurance
Semester/Year Fall 2014
Instructor Dr. Sharareh Taghipour
Lab/Tutorial Report NO. 1
Report Title Proposal
Section No. 1
Group No. 3
Submission Date October 03, 2014
Due Date October 03, 2014
Name Student ID Signature*
Parvin M Ghalehtaki Xxxx52934 Rafaela Gomes Xxxx67943 Arshbir Saini Xxxx61210 Macro Hanna Xxxx26804 (Note: remove the first 4 digits from your student ID) *By signing above you attest that you have contributed to this submission and confirm that all work you have contributed to this submission is your own work. Any suspicion of copying or plagiarism in this work will result in an investigation of Academic Misconduct and may result in a “0” on the work, an “F” in the course, or possibly more severe penalties, as well as a Disciplinary Notice on your academic record under the Student Code of Academic Conduct, which can be found online at:

Study of Times waiting at Banks
The issues that are going to be studied are the factors that affect waiting time at a Bank service line. Some of the consequences of long wait time are customer irritation and employee frustration, which leads to a bad reputation for the bank. The motivations for this research are the improvement of service time, increase in the customer satisfaction and better corporate reputation. This proposal comprises the purpose of the project, target population and limitations for research, an explanation of the approach, and the expected results. Purpose:

The purpose of this project is to find the causes of the delay time at a Bank and find the practical ways to avoid the delays. Scope:
The scope of this project will only be limited to just one...
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