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affeine is a widely used psychoactive drug found in many drinks, such as coffee, tea and cola. Caffeine is naturally present in the leaves and seeds of a variety of plants. Consuming caffeine has significant physiological effects on your body--one being its direct effect on your heart rate. Features

Once consumed, caffeine enters your blood from the stomach and small intestine and begins to stimulate your central nervous system. Caffeine stimulates receptors located in cells within your heart to increase your heart rate. Effects of this stimulation speed up your blood flow because of an increase in heart rate, as well as an increase in blood sugar, urine production and body temperature. Function

Physiologically, caffeine stimulates the receptors within your heart to beat faster by blocking the enzyme phosphodiesterace. Phosphodiesterace works together with another enzyme, cyclic AMP, to keep your heart rate at its normal range. Once phosphodiesterace is blocked, the check system is no longer effective and your heart rate increases. You Might Also Like

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The increase in your heart rate from caffeine consumption can take effect in as soon as 15 minutes, and can take approximately six hours to wear off. Caffeine is not stored in your body, but is eventually excreted when you urinate. According to the University of Michigan, although sensitivity to caffeine varies from person to person, caffeine can increase heart rate by approximately three beats per minute. Sponsored Links

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