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LaTasha Patterson
Management Principles in Healthcare HCM387-1304B-01
Phase 2 Discussion Board
Professor Christopher Miller
April 15, 2014

Resource Management in Healthcare Primary Response
Health information technology or health IT includes the exchange of health information in an electronic environment (Health Information Technology, 2014). The use of health IT within the health care industry will better the quality of health care, stop medical errors, cut back on health care costs, increase administrative productivities, cut back on paperwork, and expand access to affordable health care (Health Information Technology, 2014). Billing systems are generally much better than the clinical systems. Other companies have used information technology as a competitive edge. For example, American Airlines benefited from its SABRE system, which made it easy to decide which flights were available as well as book flights (Bates, 2002). Information and the exchange of information are important to the delivery of care on many different levels of the health care delivery system the patient, the care team, the health care organization (Information and Communications Systems: The Backbone of the Health Care Delivery System, 2005). Health care is made up of a different set of private data collection systems (Unknown, 2010). Health information technology may have the ability to make the collection better and ethnicity, and language data, as these data could be put together (Unknown, 2010). For example, in a person’s personal health record is used in electronic health records and other data systems (Unknown, 2010). Hospitals have information systems for data collection and reporting, staff who are used to get data on admissions and registration and an organizational culture that is familiar with the tools of quality improvement (Unknown,...
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