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Business Statistics

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General Instructions:
The Student should submit this assignment in the handwritten form (not in the typed format) The Student should submit this assignment within the time specified by the exam dept The student should only use the Rule sheet papers for answering the questions. The student should attach this assignment paper with the answered papers. Failure to comply with the above Four instructions would lead to rejection of assignment. Specific Instructions:

There are four Questions in this assignment. The student should answer all the four questions. Marks allotted 100. Each Question carries equal marks (25 marks) unless specified explicitly. Question 1

PC television is a Television manufacturing company. The company is located in Naini Industrial area in Uttar Pradesh where the state government has provided free land and other industrial facilities. This has resulted in the cost reduction in operations.

The company has been in existence for about 20 years and the owner of the company, Prafulla Choudhary was quite satisfied with the quality and quantity of the output. The company employs about 300 people and there has been no evidence of low morale among employees. Mr Choudhary is however, well aware of the need for high quality of picture tubes of televisions. So he has recently introduced a new technology to produce picture tubes on one assembly line and compared the new technology picture tubes average life with the old technology picture tubes. The results are tabulated as follows:
New Technology picture tubes
Old technology picture tubes
n1 = 100
n2 = 100
x1 = 30000 hrs
x2 = 35000 hrs
s1 = 1200 hrs
s2 = 1800 hrs

The company has suddenly started experiencing a significant fall in the sales in the last two quarters. Mr Choudhary is now worried about the situation and after a discussion with board members he has decided to hire a new Marketing Manager. PC television has hired Sanjay Koli as their new marketing manager who has 5 years of experience after completion of his MBA from IIPM. He has specialized in marketing management and firmly believes that advertisement could have great impact on sales. He has designed 2 advertisements A & B with his creative team. Management believes that advertisement A is more effective than advertisement B. But to test the effectiveness of these advertisements two test market areas with virtually identical consumer characteristics are selected. Advertisement A is used in one area and advertisement B is used in another area. In a random sample of 60 consumers who saw advertisement A, 18 of them tried the product. In another random sample of 100 consumers who saw advertisement B, 22 of them tried the product.

(a) By using the proper statistical methodology, test the hypothesis that new technology has not resulted in any significant improvement in the quantity of output. Use a 95 per cent level of confidence. (b) Do you find sufficient evidence to show at a level of confidence of 99 per cent that the advertisement A is more effective than advertisement B? Explain

Question 2
(a) Following are the marks of 2 friends on 8 subjects. Estimate the Rank Correlation Coefficient. Friend 1
Friend 2

(b) Under what circumstances would it be appropriate to use Arithmetic Mean, Median, Mode, Harmonic Mean and Geometric Mean?

(c) The mean of marks in statistics of 100 students of a class was 72. The mean of marks of boys were 75, while their number was 70. Find out the mean marks of girls in the class.

Question 3
(a) You are working as a purchase manger for a company. The following information has been supplied to you by two manufacturers of electric bulbs:

Company A
Company B
Mean Life (in hours)
Standard Deviation (in...
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