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The people who live in different social and cultural groups can be distinct different. There are many differences, Such as languages, customs, lifestyles, political structures, history and etc. Those factors can influence people greatly. Also, this is proved by the my own society in contemporary China and Australia. The following aspects of two different societies were contrasted:


The institution of family is the pinnacle of society. Family could be affect individuals a lot by different culture and social environments. For example: The family structure of Chinese tends to be large. For example, in my family, my parents were used to live with my grandparents until they had me. Chinese people always live with three generations until they have own family. Therefore, family become a quite large part of life, we have a lot communications and keeping close relationships between each other. However, in Australia society, the family structure is simple and small. More and more adults are moving out, leaving their elder parents alone.( Article Source: contrast, many Chinese are living with their parents and looking after the old parents, it’s like a responsibility for everybody. However, in Australians family older people are live alone or having aged care.

Roles and status

The role in Chinese family is always clearly and well allocated.This is a fact that has long been realized by the Chinese who hold the family bonds as sacred and honor them accordingly. The traditional Chinese family has a hierarchical order with the man as the head of the family tagged with the responsibility for earning the bread(money) of his family. This responsibility also endows him with complete authority and the final say in the affairs of the family. For instance the father may still have a final say in the important matters concerning his children but no longer does the man of the house enjoy absolute control over his family members....
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