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Changling Zhang
Basic Composition RP
Paper 4 Rough Draft
Dr.Carl Nelson
The Discussion about Technology: Who Decide How to Use It?
With the booming of economy and the remarkable improvement of people’s living standard, the advanced science and technology become a symbol of society progress. The convenient and efficient high-tech tools have greatly facilitated people’s lives in all aspects. Besides, the applications of high-tech products help humans deal with complicated problems and make achievements in various fields. Admittedly, technology changes the world. However, everything has its own merits and demerits. From another perspective, abusing or overusing technology lead to the difficulties in keeping human authenticity and developing social ethics. So it is important for humans to exploit the favorable sides of technology and avoid unfavorable ones. There are two articles, which talks about how high technology influences and connects with humans’ lives respectively. In Lisa Belkin’s essay “The Made-to-Order Savior”, she describes a medical technology that greatly relieves a child’s blood disease through bone-marrow transplant. In order to increase the odds of transplant, the bone-marrow donor should be the patient’s brothers or sisters so that their core blood can get match. Although this technology saves children’ lives, it results in ethical issues. Doctors and children’ parents are questioned to be the nature manipulators because of their unfair treatment to donors. In normal lives, more people are likely to gain the ideal relationships via technology. In Sherry Turkle’s article “Alone Together”, she presents the rapid development and popularity of high-tech products such as robots and cell phones. Inborn loneliness drives people to seek for companionships. But the fear of intimacy makes them reply on technology. High tech-tools endows people’s interactions with safety and flexibility. Meantime, it misleads them to lose control and realness in the virtual world. From my viewpoint, once the technology exists, both consumers of technology and governments have the right and responsibility to decide how to use it.

Under certain situations, humans should be allowed to take over technology because its powerful functions support people’s humanity and fill up their loneliness. If the users of technology are properly informed and are consistent with morality, they are capable of utilizing and managing high-tech tools in an appropriate way. Nowadays, technology has a greater power to handle difficult diseases, which brings hopes and confidences for patients and their families. Belkin in her essay presents the story of Henry, who endures the pain of Fanconi anemia and faces the danger of losing life at any time. Her mother, Laura never has a thought of giving up her son on account of her humanity. She says: “We hoped. We believed. We were brave. We persevered. And despite all that it didn’t work. I am left with my belief system intact. I believe in love and science. Nothing more, nothing less”(Belkin 16). Humanity is a precious virtue that refers to being loving and caring towards people, plants and animals. It is a human nature, which can be aroused when a person plays a certain role in society. For instance, parents like Laura always embraces the faith of protecting her children all the time no matter what disasters happen to them. A mother’s instinct is Laura’s motivation to persist in curing her son. The application of technology enables her to regain hopes over and over again. Bone-marrow transplant and its related researches become the backbone for parents to develop their humanities and to insist on their faiths. Technology offers possibilities to make magic happen. Thus, people should be supported to use and manage technology in accordance with their wills. Similarly, humans are born to be alone. Meanwhile, they need a safe and simple relationship with no lies and...
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