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Apple Inc. is one of the leading technology companies of our time. The company started designing computers and has become a giant in the music and communication industries with the design of the IPod and Iphone. Apple has also become a force in education by providing technology equipment to schools around the world. The company sells its products in retail stores, third party wholesalers, and websites and by its own sales force. The company also provides TV and movie rental services through Apple TV and iTunes. The operational business plan of the organization runs the whole company and covers areas like manufacturing, finance, internet, human resources and marketing following the functional approach creating hierarchies. Employees at apple are grouped together allowing different departments to learn from its functions helping the company to reduce cost and enhance the flexibility I its operations. The Organization has faced difficult challenges since it was founded but because of its futuristic vision and innovation Apple Inc. has reach a high level of stability in the technology market. Economic conditions around the world, market competition and high prices on Apple products affect directly the business of the company. Based on the SWOT analysis of the company Apple in order to keep leading the world in technology and innovation Apple has to make its product more accessible to different social groups around the globe. This can be accomplished by looking at cheaper manufacturing and by expanding its business to different countries. With this measure apple will secure its place in the market by making the completion t rethink their business strategy. For example the cost of an Iphone in China is around $800 USD (Wall street journal), by offering a better price in china Apple will be taking over of one of the biggest markets in the world. In conclusion Apple Inc. is one of the more powerful organizations in the world. Its success directly depend in it business...
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