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From Better to Worse
Throughout the history of women’s fashion it is known that each decade creates its own symbolic fashion statement within that time frame. The change in women’s fashion advertising is hard to go un-noticed once looked upon. In the 1940’s women’s fashion seemed to be relatively tolerable and not very difficult to strive for when it came to a women’s perspective. As opposed to today’s fashion advertisement for women; the image that “defines” beauty is what some would describe as unreachable without drastic sacrifice. The women in the image of a 1940s women’s advertisement compared to women in an image of today’s fashion could almost be described as a women that failed to make the cut in strive of todays “beauty”. If you ask me, women’s fashion advertisement has snowballed downhill since the 1940s.

In a June 2013 Cosmopolitan edition of a magazine I read an article that’s title “When you can’t stop thinking about food.” Immediately I thought that it may be something positive for women’s but then I reminded myself that it was out of a women’s fashion magazine from today’s century. The article discusses ways to get food OFF of your mind and hot to fight the urge to eat. The article also states ways for you to drink a supplement in replacement of a meal. It doesn’t take a physician to tell you that if your drink a supplement in replacement of a full course meal and skip your vitamins and nutrients, it is unhealthy. I also noticed that the previous article was title, “How to get his attention.” I found the placement of the two articles to be targeted at women to ensure that they feel bad about the way they look now and to strive to be thinner and more “beautiful”. The women that we advertising many products in the magazine were eye catching at first, although after taking second and third looks it is quite obvious that they are not nutritionally healthy and are on the verge of being anorexic. Not only did they article explain how to...
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