Paper 3 Domestic Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Scientific method Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: November 25, 2014
Noina Matta

1. Explain two ethical considerations in qualitative research with reference to this study. There are several ethical considerations that need to be taken during this qualitative research due to the high risk factor involved with the participants. Since “about two-thirds of the women reported that their husband abused them almost daily [and that] the violence was physical, verbal, emotional and sexual.” The safety of the subjects was of the main concern. Keeping in mind the ethical concern that the participants should not be emotionally or physically abused it was critical to remain anonymity. If this was not remained the participant’s life may have been endangered. Therefore, the two main ethical concerns during the study were confidentiality of the participants and their safety. Furthermore, this research also caused stress amongst the participants due to the highly perilous situations that they were in.

2. Explain the use of focus-group interview in this study.
The use of a focus-group interview in this study was a fast and convenient way to collect data from all the participants. It provided ecological validity since it provided a natural setting and no factors were controlled. It helped uncovered knowledge and experience about what, how and why the women were thinking when they were in violent relationships. It also helps the researchers understand how cultural and social norms affected their view on what kind of help they wanted to receive. For instance, “economic, or fear of social stigma, fear for their lives or for fear of losing their children,” all contributed to how the women dealt with their situations. 3. Discuss the extent to which findings can be generalized from a case study. This study can be used for representative generalization since the individuals studied may not representative of the population. Although these women offer a reliable view of women in cases of domestic violence, it does not account in every situation...
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