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Updated Version of Theory of Rumor Rumors have been around ever since the beginning of time. I did some research and I found the very first rumor in the Bible's book of Genesis, when the serpent approached Eve and said: "Did God really say, you must not eat from tree of knowledge in the garden?" And the serpent went on to say: "You shall not surely die, for God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God knowing good and evil "( The Holy Bible Genesis 3:1&5). First, what I would like to do is to identify, at the beginning of this essay, is what a rumor truly is. All rumors are a lie no matter what the intent of the rumor is, whether it be mulishness or a "pipe-dream", it is still a lie. That must be understood first of all, quite frankly whether people agree with this or not, does not change the fact that it is true. Rumor's have no truth in them. Second, I would like to identify the source of all rumors. What is truth is truth, and what is false is a lie. No matter what anyone says, even Robert Knapp, plain and simple rumors are a lie. In the world we live in today it is so easy to spread rumors there are many of them spread right on our television sets or we hear them on the radio, but that way people really like to spread a rumor, is this very vicious method of doing so, it's on the Internet especially through YouTube. Of course, we always use Twitter or Facebook. Sometimes this social media makes it easier to target a particular individual. In 1944, when Robert Knapp published his book "A Psychology of Rumors", the only way to spread rumors was by word of mouth or maybe on the radio. There was no TV, no Internet, just a telephone, but how many phone numbers did the average person know. So, as we read this book we need to consider the technology available to Robert Knapp in 1944. The first rumor that Knapp defined was the "Pipe-dream Rumor." This type of rumors reflects the public desires and wished-for outcomes. "They can be popularly identified as "wishful thinking""(Knapp,361). His example of that type of rumor was that the Japanese did not have enough oil to last another six months. Another rumor of more recent times was Osama bin Laden was dying of kidney disease. Really it has never been confirmed one way or the other wither this was rumor or fact. The second type of rumor is the "Bogie Rumor." This type of rumor reflects fearful outcomes, or anxieties outcomes. It is completely opposite of the pipe dream rumor. This type of rumor may have be the most unrealistic rumor because it is not easy to believe. An example that Knapp used to explain this rumor was that Japanese packed crab meat sent to America contained grounded glass. One rumor that is told in some circles is that if a product is labeled, made in the usa and not Made in the U.S.A. , that is was made in a town in Japan named Usa. Robert H. Knapp writes in his article: "Bogie is essentially derived from fears and anxieties… rumors with a dour and pessimistic quality"(Knapp,361). When these rumors do start spreading it usually takes a large amount of effort to stop them because of the emotional attachment. For example it a long standing believed rumor that Walt Disney's body was frozen, so that he may be brought back to life when the technology come to exist to save him. Or better yet how to stop all the rumors that Oswald didn't act alone. Despite the Warn Commission's report and all the recent scientific evidence, that proves way beyond the shadow of any reasonable persons doubt. Sometime it's just easier to believe the rumor than to take the time and examine all the evidence to find the truth. Alongside Knapp's three Classifications of rumors' Knapp also mentioned the three characteristics of a rumor. "They have, first, a distinct and characteristic mode of transmission"(Knapp,360). I read that McDonald's saved money by using ground up worms as...

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only Bible) to have your my father
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