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Business Research Report
Indya Davis, Pamela Harper, Savahna Lisi, Melanie Price, Arthur Smith QNT 561
July 29, 2013
Garurank Saxena


Wal-Mart Sampling
Survey research is an important technique to measure consumer characteristics and opinions. The survey sample is defined as the survey demographic was any “customers” of Wal-Mart that shopped within stores. The type of survey administered chosen was a non-probability sampling survey, which is convenient for the customer to fill out on his or her terms. The collection process was identical to the distribution; through hand-to-hand transactions, mail-in, or while shopping online. The sample was a group of shoppers that totaled 10 stores in different regions, 50 per store. Once the surveys were collected, they were provided to the strategy department by way of the staff. In this research and data analysis Wal-Mart will provide an explanation of the findings and how they affect the company.

Confidence Level:|  | 80%| 90%| 95%| 99%|
z-score:|  | 1.2816| 1.645| 1.96| 2.5758|
Precision +/- =| 5%|  | | |  |
Population Size =| 50| What is the sample size? |
| |  | | |  |
Assumed P =| 95%| 20| 26| 30| 37|
| |  | | |  |
Conservative P =| 50%| 39| 43| 45| 47|

Summary of Learning Team Results
Wal-Mart thought it was imperative to gather accurate results when they administered their survey to the customers. Therefore, a basis of analysis was determined in which the retailer could gauge the survey results. Until this survey was developed, there was no standardized method for collecting information about the Wal-Mart customer experience. When looking at the responses, Wal-Mart received the lowest average rating for question 9. In question 9 customers are asked how they rate the assistance on the sales floor. Poorly rated sales floor assistance may affect customer satisfaction ratings, and it is important to improve this area to increase customer satisfaction (McClave, Benson, & Sincich, 2011). The ratings indicated that Wal-Mart received the highest rating for question number 5 in which customers were asked to rate the convenience of a 24-hour super center. The high rated response to this question may indicate that customers are pleased with Wal-Mart because they offer a 24-hour shopping experience. Out of the 15 survey questions 10 questions average a response within 0.50 above and below the neutral point of a score of 3. The survey rating results not only indicate a wide range for customer satisfaction improvement but also an overall customer satisfaction rating of only 56% satisfied with the Wal-Mart shopping experience Answers to the Research Questions

Wal-Mart focused the survey questions on the customer experience at the store. The data was analyzed to establish a baseline of quantitative numerical value to trend throughout the year. The analysis of the data is to enable Wal-Mart to develop and define customer satisfaction strategies and vision. Out of the 15 survey questions 10 of the questions average a response within 0.50 above and below the neutral point of a score of 3. The answers from the customer survey indicate a need for a strategic plan to improve the overall customer experience at the Wal-Mart stores. The answers to the survey questions were beneficial to obtain the perception, view, and voice of the customers’ experience during their Wal-Mart visit. Customer satisfaction promotes an increase in brand loyalty to Wal-Mart; therefore benefits business literacy and return on investment. The main focus is to keep the customer happy and coming back to the store (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 2010). Research Challenges

There are many challenges that can be faced when conducting survey research. Such as, dealing with primary research, determining the purpose and whether or not quantitative or qualitative data is needed can present challenges in research. It sets the basis for...

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