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By Jenny431985 Jun 05, 2013 737 Words
Sansui Babajide
Professor Lunday
English 1301
September 21, 2012
A Day to Remember
It was a bright, sunny day, day that my mood was happy and my mind set free. This was a little bit unusual for someone like me, especially for it being a Monday. I dreaded going to school or being at school on Mondays, just like many other students, but this Monday was an exceptional day. I woke up on that sunny day feeling like my worries did not exist and nothing or no one could upset the way I was feeling. But then I started to question why I was feeling this way. Could it be that the Pastor’s preaching on Sunday was good, or I had so much fun over the weekend, or maybe my mother’s cooking was so delicious? Whatever the answer(s) to the many questions I had, I couldn’t yet figure it out.

I got to school that Monday morning and met up with my friends by the stairs, our usual meeting spot. We all shared jokes and had stories to tell about the things we did over the weekend. After that was over, my friends were on their way to class but before that, one for them fell sick and we all went to look after him. “Are you okay Jay? What’s wrong?” we all asked, standing in front of the school’s main building, in a little circle trying to make sure my friend was okay. All of sudden I felt someone behind walk very quietly passed me, and towards the main building, and as I looked up, I saw this girl that caught my eye ever since the semester started, but the strange thing was that I had no idea what her face looked like, because every time I saw her, I was behind her. The first thing I noticed about this girl was her hair. She had some long braids that looked like dread locks and it went all the way to her back. I always had it at the back of my mind that I was going to talk to her someday.

On that Monday, after I felt her walk subtly behind me, I followed her, and once again I was behind her, in the building and I saw her waiting on the elevator. I was really determined to see her face and there she was standing along with a group of other people waiting on the elevator. Usually in a situation like that, I would walk away, suspending what I had in mind to do, but on that day, I had it in mind to see her face, at that moment, at that very minute. As she was standing there, waiting on the elevator, I walked towards the elevator as if I was going in, and there was a tiny gap between her and the elevator, and I walked right between that gaps and looked fearlessly, right into her eyes. After that, turned around and walked away, knowing that this was just the first step. My next step was to talk to her, someday.

As I walked back to the stairs, not quite a few minutes passed before I saw the girl with the dread like braids approaching the stairs. Immediately I thought to myself, that “someday” that I wanted to talk to her might have turned out to be that same day. But, there was one factor that prevented me from talking to her at the moment, she seemed to be studying. I lost the mood of approaching her now, because I made up excuses for her rejecting me. I thought she was going to give me the “I’m sorry, I’m kind of busy right now” line. But like I said earlier, nothing or no one could upset my mood that day, so I got up and went to talk to her. I remember precisely, it was 12:37pm when I met her, she seemed very different from the other girls I talked to, besides the fact that she was pretty, and she was unique in her own way. After talking to her and walking her to class, I asked for her number, and as I told her bye, I felt even happier than I did waking up that morning. Then it came to me that all along she was the reason why I was happy on that Monday, October 17, 2011.

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