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Topics: Education, Teacher, School / Pages: 2 (450 words) / Published: May 30th, 2013
Do you think teachers and faculty should help students understand the moral choices between what’s right and wrong? Or the teachers give their opinion and talk to your child about controversial issues in today’s society? My Opinion is to let the parents or someone at home teach them or show them what’s right from wrong. My reason for that is, teachers may not be suited for telling that child his or her moral rights and wrongs, the parents of the child may have a better way of communicating with their son or daughter at home, also why should the teacher waste her time when she could be spending more time teaching the classes that he or she needs to graduate. First off, teachers may not be suited to teach the student his or her own moral rights. The teachers may think that they are helping but the parent or guardian of the student may have a completely different way. For teachers who like to talk about controversial issues in today’s society in class, I think that sometimes they should just keep their opinions to themselves because the father or mother of the kid might not like her opinion that he or she has shared with the child. Although I do think that if the student asks his or her teacher for their opinion than it is perfectly fine for the teacher to explain and have a conversation on the subject. Secondly, the parents might have or most likely will have a better way of teaching their children from right and wrong. The kids are most likely going to talk to their parents more about their morals and controversial issues in today’s society because they feel comfortable with expressing their feelings more in their own home. The students at home can also talk to their parents about today’s society without getting negative feedback. I also think that kids mainly learn from doing wrong, therefore if they get punished for it they will know not to do it again. Finally, why should teachers even waste their time trying to teach kids right from wrong when kids don’t pay attention to them even when they are teaching class? I think this is why some students don’t get good grades in school because all they want to do is talk about things in today’s society like the Boston bombing, or whatever it might be. Plus I think it is more of the parent’s job to start showing them right from wrong from the first day that they were born. I think it’s pointless for teachers to try and teach moral rights from wrong and to talk to the students about issues in society.

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