Topics: Michael Jordan, Basketball, Philippine Basketball Association Pages: 4 (1552 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Darwish Vince E. Bederi
Eng 11
Dr. Marianne Perfecto
Not Just a Janitor, But a Man Who Once Dreamed
A person who is unique compared to others in what he does. Maybe I will find such a person in a place almost hidden from the outside world. The secluded underworld that is, Agora market. I could have chosen some guy who chops bits of meat or a lady who works on removing the scales from the fish that they sell. But somehow, the person I was going to interview was the one who chose me.

As I was walking around the dock area a skinny man holding a hose asked me what my height was. This is nothing new to me because everywhere I go astonished strangers oftentimes ask my height out of nowhere. But this guy who asked me stopped what he was doing and went near me and measured me. It was weird. But the guy didn’t stop. He kept asking me questions. Where do I study? If I was a player? I answered him with curiosity because the guy was pretty tall too. Around 6’2 and seeing his body structure, this guy seemed to eat his vegetables and liked carrying heavy stuff. He seemed very enthusiastic in talking about the sport of basketball. As a servant of this sport I felt obliged to keep on replying to him. It was weird because I never conversed with a stranger for such a long time. Then I remembered, I needed a person for my feature article! So I went on to open a conversation to get to know more about him.

Antonio Barrios was the name of the guy who made me feel weird by asking questions and talking to me all of a sudden. He said his name in his unusually ragged voice but in a calm tone. He seemed to know a lot about basketball talking about the La Salle’s and the Ateneo’s, Barangay Ginebra and Alaska, Lakers and the Boston Celtics. With all the knowledge he seems to have about basketball, it’s shocking to see him here. Of all the places you could me a guy like this it’s in an underground marketplace. Funny how life is.

He picked up his hose and asked me...
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