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Topics: Time bind, Arlie Russell Hochschild, Gender role Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: February 23, 2014
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Jimmy Wayland, five years a father and feels he has “missed the boat” (Hochschild 1997:126) on being a father. Jimmy had a child and thought his wife wanted to raise the child herself and therefore spent his time at work. In The Time Bind, by Arlie R. Hochschild, Jimmy Wayland is a stand out character who exemplified the neglect to take advantage of Amerco’s work-family balance programs. Jimmy’s reasons for not taking the work family balance programs were because of his beliefs and the societal beliefs that would affect his reputation at work. And these beliefs were negative enough way to make his potential use of work-family benefits undesirable because of the connotations associated with taking family time, and the consequences that would follow in the work place.

Jimmy Wayland looks back at his missed time with his son and regrets his decisions. With his wife apparently wanting the raising of the child to herself, Jimmy left it at that and didn’t intervene. One reason supporting his possible justification for not changing the roles of parenting may be due to the associations of gender and how they guide one to think one should act depending on their sex. In Jhally and MacLeod’s “The codes of gender,” support for Jimmy’s wife to keep her role as the completely immersive parent is shown. The associated attributes of femininity, one being affectionate, call for a more appropriate designation as the caretaker of the child, thusly meaning that women, Jimmy Wayland’s wife, are(is) more apt for taking care of the work load of the children and home. While the associated attributes of masculinity that are portrayed in the film, such as strong and independent code for the men to appropriately fill the working role above the role of the household maintenance . Or maybe if he were to swap roles, Jimmy believed that his family would be worse off due to stalled revolution because his wife might not be able to make an equivalent salary, in which case he’ll make...

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