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Topics: Europe, Slavery, Christopher Columbus Pages: 4 (1609 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Zinn Vs. Schweikart

Turmoil that existed in the Americas a.k.a The New World has shaped and influenced much of the development of the world, as well as the conquers of the land or the tyrants some called them. Also has changed the history of the down trodden or the conquered. From the American colonies and the revolution. Howard Zinn and Larry Schweikart present different points of views of these subjects, but also they present similar views in the same respect.

Columbus a hero or a villain?, This question has plagued historians thru out the ages and its based on this question that Zinn and Schweikart answer in different ways. Howard Zinn in the first chapter of his book “A People's History of the United States” talks a bout Columbus and his interactions in the new world with the Arawak Indian tribe. He says that the Indians when Columbus and his crew came upon the island that they were peaceful and greeted them as kings and gods because of their white skin, they also traded with him their gold for toys mirrors and other miscellaneous items from the stores the men brought with them. It was this gold Columbus wanted, so to get it he would interrogate Indians to tell him where the gold was. But they didn’t know where to find it so now fearing e would go home empty handed he began enslaving the Indians and the ones he didn’t enslaved that resisted were executed hung or worse decapitated. The ones he enslaved were made to mine for gold then some were taken back with him as part of what was the beginnings of the slave trade. Howard Zinn because of this information believed Columbus to be a villain responsible for the genocide of a people to achieve his own means all because he ziggied when he should've zagged and ended up in the Americas instead of the Indies, and didn’t want to back to the queen and say he didn’t find anything in which case he would have been executed for treason most likely. But saying that lends some sort of pity towards...
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