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Topics: Creative writing, High school, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: March 4, 2014

Many authors have creative writing techniques which appeal to readers and allows the readers to focus their attention on the work of literature. In the stories “Our Secret” by Susan Griffin and “The Survivor’s Return: Reflections on Memory and Place” by Karl A. Plank both authors use innovative styles by using different histories to explain their own. The different techniques show a more diverse way of writing; allowing for the text to be comprehensive which can help maintain readers attention, while making the reader view things from a different aspect. In the article “Analyze, Don’t Summarize” by Michael Burbe many writing tactics were used to get the authors point across. The way the authors technique appeals to the readers recalls a memory from years before. In high school I met a teacher who's teaching style was not the same as others which became a huge challenge. The teacher connects to the authors of the stories because his style of teaching makes the student look at his class from another viewpoint which made the subject interesting. Writing and teaching technique’s allow the author or the teacher to use details from other things to explain their thoughts.

In the story “Our Secret” by Susan Griffin, Griffin’s writing technique was using different histories to establish her point, while connecting the histories together and to her as she shifted between them. In the story Griffin wrote "Are we not all forged in the same inferno?"(385). The quote connects the histories used in the story; Heinrich Himmler,Leo, and Rockets. As Griffin shifted between the three history the connection of the histories becomes apparent; human nucleus cells are like rockets because humans are shaped by things that cause them to take one path that cannot be dissuaded from it. The first history described was of the childhood of Heinrich Himmler. Himmler suffered a lot through his childhood because of the parental force his father put on him; controlling every aspect of...
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