Paparazzi: When Is It Too Much Information

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Kelsey Johannsen
April 22, 2010
Paparazzi: When is it too much Information?

Imagine if you will living in a world were everyday you are constantly followed by people taking your picture, asking personal questions, and harassing you day and night. Everything about you is being judged by everybody. Your weight, the clothes you wear, and even your relationships with others are being watched. You feel like you’re a zoo animal. Locked in a small box, crowded by pointing and loud strangers, and no were to run.

For many celebrities a day of unflattering pictures, personal secrets being relived, and flashes going off everywhere, is routine. Something should be done about the rising force of the paparazzi. Today, the stars of our movies, TV shows, and athletics are being harassed on a daily base. If no laws or restrictions are put on the paparazzi soon, something tragic will happen to one of our beloved icons before it’s too late.

There are two different kinds of people who are followed by the vicious Paparazzi. People don’t realize, but there is a difference between being famous and being a celebrity. The definition for being a famous person is, “A widely known and esteemed person.” (Google) Such as a famous actor, a celebrated musician, a historian or a painter. A celebrity is a “Widely known person.”(Google) This could mean anyone such as reality Show stars, people who have success, and people who have lots of money. This shows that anybody could be turned into a celebrity. If a person were followed around with cameras every day, and told by the people on online blogs, gossips TV shows, and magazines that they were a celebrity, we would believe them.

Before Paparazzi, there use to be a kind of privacy between famous people and their fans. People always looked up to them. They were our idols and the people who seemed perfect. They were our heroes and they were people we looked up to. Great examples of Hollywood starlets are Audrey Hepburn, Carol Burnett, Bea Arthur, Julie Andrews, and many more. One of the reasons people looked up to them so much was because they looked at their careers and their accomplishments in the performance world. Would their opinion change if they knew Bea Arthur Hit her children, or if Julie Andrews had Sex Slaves in every state in the US? Today were able to get into the private lives of these icons and learn way too much about our favorite icons. Some things are better left unsaid, and private.

Today paparazzi have made it impossible for famous people and celebrities to maintain a normal life. Just like Zoo Animals, no movement, no sound, or no personal problem goes unnoticed. These people are being caged in by cameras, bright lights, and large groups of people.

A great example of this is the story of Thomas Jefferson. In September of 1802 a journalist made an accusation that our third president had an affair with one of his African American workers, Sally Hemmingins. Rumors circulated, but they both denied it, and after a few years of trying to pry their ways into his Private life, Reports gave up on the story. Not until his death, did the rumors come alive again, and testing was done. Even today, Historians and Scientists are still trying to find the truth to the matter. (Thomas) Now, think of what would it be like if this happened today? We would know the truth, and Jefferson in no doubt would have been impeached. Think about how different are country would be without him being our president.

Not only do these pictures sell for thousands of dollars, but getting a good picture of a celebrity can decided if that picture is a good one or bad one. A good picture of a celebrity can cost as much as million dollars per photo. A casual photo of Celebrity can cost almost 250 a piece. Many paparazzi are unemployed and spend their time following celebrities around all day.

A lot of these photographers depend on these photos for money to survive. A good photo of certain...

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