PAPA model Case study sony

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P-A-P-A model is consisted of 4 parts: privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility. 1) Privacy refers to capture and use personal information and make our information private. In general, individuals are not aware of their privacy information is exposed to others. We should consider what kind of information we disclose to others and what information we keep private and not be forced to reveal to others. From the perspective of organizations they should think what information about individuals they are in charge of should be revealed. Also privacy asks questions that are there any safeguards to secure a person’s privacy? Privacy is the most important part in the P-A-P-A model. 2) Accuracy concerns that the information we captured and provided to others should be authentic, accurate and can’t be misrepresented. It concerns who is responsible for the accuracy of the data and who is liable for inaccurate information. From the perspective of organizations, they would consider how to take effective measures to ensure the safety of the information. For example, what safeguard system should be established in order to ensure the safety of information? 3) Property refers to the ownership. We consider who actually has the ownership of the information and who owns the effective channel to capture the information. In another words, who has the right to acquire the information. For instance, the first data about you is owned by a company. Do they have the right to sell your information? We also ask question like how should software piracy or patent breaches be handled? 4) Accessibility refers to who has the authority to obtain the information and what kind of information they can get. When they capture the information, are there any effective security measures to ensure the safety of gathering information? And are there requirements they should first satisfy in order to get the information? 2. I think privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility would give...
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