Papa Johns

Topics: Pizza, Papa John's Pizza, Marketing Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Papa John’s has some internal weaknesses limiting profitability for the company. One issue is limited menu items. Having few items to choose from, the customers are not thinking of Papa Johns unless they want pizza. Location and limited numbers of stores is another weakness for Papa John’s. The differentiation of franchises also is unattractive to customers. Inconsistent management between stores causes hesitance to consumers. Customers like to know what they quality and service of a business before a purchase. Switching cost also proposes a problem for Papa John’s. There are also external issues hindering Papa John’s profit. Intense competition makes sales hard; thus pushing Papa John’s to differentiate. Economic instability also makes creating additional sales hard in this industry. The pizza industry has also hit the maturing point. Another issue is customers drive for “healthy” food. Many customers like to believe they are eating healthy thus health conscious insinuates many problems. Papa Johns has many opportunities to generate high revenue. New menu items can be introduced. Broadening the menu will also expand customers. Some healthier foods should also be considered when revising the menu. Offering salads and fruit pizzas will give an appearance of healthy food for the customer. Locations also need to be improved. Adding more stores throughout the states will help build Papa John’s brand recognition. The currents stores also need to become uniform. Some location offering dine-in and others not send mixed signals to customers. Dine- in areas and buffet offers should be added to all current and new store locations. Strong brand recognition should be implicated to stay competitive in the pizza industry. Technology trends also can build the competitive edge. Social media advertisement should be applied to the marketing strategy. Social media is also a good way to offer coupons to customers without the production cost of creating it physically. Rewards...
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