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There are many different types of large felines in the world. Two most common felines are the African lion and the Black Panther. They are two different species because they live in different habitats, and don’t have any common breeding or feeding habits. Neither of them looks like the other.

A panther’s appearance is designed to help them survive in their habitat. “The panther is a large powerful, carnivorous feline with a keen sense of hearing and sight. They are solitary animals that are extremely agile- can leap up to twenty feet, have sharp claws and strong jaws” (“Facts about Panthers”). Because of the panther’s size and strength, they have a better chance of catching their prey. “Black panthers are unspotted leopards with dark brown or black fur and have very sharp emerald eye” (“Facts about Panthers”). The color of the panther’s fur helps them blend in when they go hunting, and the sharp emerald eyes help them spot their prey. “their hind legs are larger than the front legs on a long body and neck with a small head, short face and a long tail” (“Facts about Panthers”). The way their body is shaped helps them defend their territory, or catch prey” (“Facts about Panthers”). These appearances help panthers catch their prey, blend in, and defend their territory.

Lions use their appearance for three main reasons; to blend in, protect their pride, and to help them hunt. “The lion, tawny to sandy brown in color, is the largest of the African carnivore” (“Lion Information”). The tawny coloring of the lion helps the blend in when they are hunting prey. “Cubs are faintly spotted on the lower parts” (“Lion Information”). Because of the spots on the cubs lower parts; they have a better chance of blending in and surviving to adulthood. “Some adults retain traces of the spots. Only adult males have manes that vary in color from tawny to black” (“Lion Information”). Adult male lions use their manes to intimidate anything that dares to pose a threat against his pride. If the lion had a different appearance it wouldn’t be able to hunt, blend in or protect their pride.

Panthers use certain tactics and their appearance to help them hunt. “Like other species of large feline, panthers are carnivores and tend to hunt more at night then during the day. The panthers rest in the shade during the day and will hunt at night. Being black can be an advantage here as they are well camouflaged in the dark” (“Panther”). Hunting at night gives the panther an advantage because most of their prey is asleep. “Top speed: 45km/h (30mph), lifestyle: solitary, special features: long and powerful legs and small paws” (“Panthers”). Being able to go 30 mph and having long powerful legs with small paws helps panthers catch their prey. “The diet of panthers, being a carnivore, consists mostly of large mammals, including deer but they also eat smaller animals including rabbits and birds” (“Facts about Panthers”). Having a variety of food helps make sure the panthers have food to eat without wiping out a species of prey. Panthers may hunt alone, but they have special features to help them hunt.

Lions hunt with their pride and have a large variety of food. “Lions differ from other cats by regularly hunting in groups” (“Lion Information”). When lions hunt in groups they have a better chance of catching their prey. “Most of the hunting is done by the females. When in a pride, the males take what food they want from the females. Cubs usually get what the adults leave. In time of food shortages starvation is their major causes of death” (“Lion Information”). Male lions have a better chance of defending their territory when they don’t have to worry about hunting. It’s just the cubs that have to worry about food. “Medium and large prey including: impala, Wilde beast, zebra, and gemsbok. Lions will also hunt larger species such as buffalo, giraffe, hippos and young elephants. If needed lions eat birds, reptiles, fish, and even insects,...

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