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Panther Power

By ole5551 Nov 26, 2008 405 Words
Panther Power
A certain question is always pushed away when people talks about the American dream. How can we define The American dream, is it racism or is it just the capitalistic way to handle things in the U.S.A. In the lyric Panther Power by Tupac Shakur, tries Tupac to describe the American dream, what it means to him, what promises the government gave him and at the end, what he ended up with.

In the beginning of the lyric the atmosphere is very tense. In the first line Tupac starts saying “As real as it seems the American dream, ain´t nothing but another calculated scheme”. He describes how the white people locked the black people up, how the white people stole their names, their future, their freedom, education, equality all that they were promised. He tells that the white people made them very dangerous, the reason why, was obviously that they couldn’t get a job or an education. He says that they really tried to be patient, but how can a man/woman be patient, when you are compelled to steal?

So now I’m sitting here mad cause I’m unemployed, but the government’s glad cause they enjoy. Another quotation from Tupac:
This quotation, really wants to tell us how corrupt and capitalistic the government was, they treated them like animals, just for fun. The reason was obviously their skin color or maybe the government t could not accept that a lot them could handle an education or a job.

Therefore, “Time to change the government, now Panther Power” Panther power were their group (organization), they tried to fight versus segregation and “Uncle Sam”. It was their way to fight against the government, their way to show that they were very displeased.

It is really easy to see that the American society has seriously troubles. It should not be so hard to integrate the black people; they could give them a try. Instead of rob their future and tread them like criminals. It is very obvious that the black people wants to be integrated, a part of the society and earn their own money. The lyric is very thought-provoking, how can a whole civilization be so suppressed? The American government needs to do something!

“Don’t you ever be ashamed of what you are; it’s ya panther that makes you a star”

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