Panic Disorder

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Living in Fear of Panic Attacks

Paul Valery once said, “ Two dangers always threaten the world, order and disorder.” This is the truth for 2.4 million adults in America who suffer from an extremely serious disorder called panic disorder. They live in fear of having panic attacks, everyday they might feel as if their world is crashing around them always worrying about having an attack. Panic disorder has very specific symptoms and is characterized in one simple way, it can be treated with success in two main ways, there are many support groups that offer hope, and there is even a movie that depicts the struggle of this disorder.

What is panic disorder? Panic disorder is the sudden and repeated attacks of fear that last several minutes. This disorder is characterized by a fear of disaster or loosing control even when there is no danger. Many times people with panic disorder dread the possibility of having another attack. Panic disorder can develop in the late teen years or early adulthood, but it has been seen to develop in the late thirties. Some symptoms of panic disorder is sudden attacks, feeling of being out of control, avoidance of places, racing heart, weakness, dizziness, chills, numb hands, and stomach pains. Many patients suffering from panic disorder tend to avoid places where they have had the attack. There are two different ways panic disorder can be treated.

Two ways panic disorder can be treated is through medicine and psychotherapy. Panic disorder can be treated by taking SSRI’s, or serotonine reuptake inhibitors, these types of medicines can help produce and regulate the serotonine production in the brain which helps to lessen the panic attacks. Another type of medicine used is benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines have shown great results in panic disorder, but it also tends to create depression in these patients. Anti-anxiety medicines have also proven to help lessen the effects of panic disorders in those that suffer from extreme anxiety. One...

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