Pangaea a Super Continent

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Ladies and gentle men, I am here on behalf of Alfred Wegener’s theory about Pangaea, the Super continent that formed 200 million years ago. The supercontinent that over millions of years, formed the continents we know today. My name is Madison Heinecke and I am here to show you that Pangaea existed.

If you closely examined a globe, you would see that he West African coastline seems to fit nicely into the East coastline of South America and the Caribbean Sea. A similar fit is seen across the Pacific Ocean concerning the east coastline of North America and the western coast of Europe. Wegener proposed that these continents were once compressed into a single proto continent, which he called Pangaea (meaning “all lands). To support his “Puzzle” theory, he stated that the continents broke apart and slowly drifted away. However, his hypothesis still lacks a geological explanation.

Apart from this theory, Alfred Wegener needed more evidence. He was able to see that the continents fit together but he had no explanation or reason. He had to come up with a valid reason, something more to his theory. That’s when he closely observed fossils of species in different areas. Fossilized plants and animals from the same time period were found in South America and Africa. The same were true for fossils found in Europe and North America as for Madagascar and India. Many of theses organisms could not have traveled across the ocean and still exist. This points to one thing: Pangaea

Further observation leads to the glacial scars of some of the continents. There is evidence of a single ice sheet affecting many of the southern continents including South America, Africa, Antarctica, India, and Australia.
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