Panera Bread Quality Improvement

Topics: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Disability, Bread Pages: 7 (1447 words) Published: August 17, 2009
Operations Management

Quality Improvement


Following your advice at class, I decided to choose a different organization that I work for. I did this primarily for two reasons: to learn about the mission statement and operations strategy of another company and to apply the quality improvement concepts to a completely new operation’s environment. I chose The Panera Bread Company (NASDAQ: PNRA). That is the place I have been studying for the last year where I could observe how they operate. During this time, I have seen several areas that could be improved. For this assignment I chose one in particular that has a strategic importance according to the company’s mission statement. As a note, I utilized the company’s 10K for the mission statement and operations strategy research.

Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to provide high quality products and exceptional service to our customers. ”A loaf of bread in every arm®”.

Operations Strategy

To achieve their mission and competitive advantage, Panera Bread will conduct their business by reaffirming their commitment daily to the following strategic concepts:

| |Diff|Resp|Service: always exceed the customers' expectations | | |eren|onse| | | |tiat| | | | |ion | | | | | | |Neighborhood: maintain the position as THE friendly and quick neighborhood bakery in the markets. | | | | |Community: engage in a working partnership with civic and charitable activities. | | | | |Opportunities: associates will be given equal employment and advancement opportunities with the Company. | | | | |Entrepreneurism: empower the associates with a challenging and rewarding work environment that allows them to do their best | | | | |work. This means expansion maintain the company’s standards. | |Cost| | |Added value: offer their customers healthy, natural, premium quality breads and specialty foods at a fair price. | | | | |Innovation: be receptive to new ideas for conducting their business. | | | | |Integrity: maintain mutually beneficial long term relationships with our suppliers (Commissary System). |

As the table above shows, this company is mostly focused on the DIFFERENTIATION strategy. They have focused on the emerging “Specialty Bread / Bakery-Cafe” category and they are concerned with providing uniqueness in this market niche.

It is a combination of products and services designed to deliver against the key consumer trends of today, specifically the need for an efficient and more special dining experience than the offered by traditional fast food.

Its menu, prototype, operating systems, design and real estate strategy allow it to compete successfully in four sub-businesses: breakfast, lunch, day-time ""chill out'', and take home bread.

Process Improvement

The process/service I chose to be improved is the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) store compliance. I studied several stores in the area and there doesn’t seem to be a clear guideline/process in place to guarantee ADA compliance. I base my statement on direct observations, internet store reviews and clear deficiencies noted at the different establishments (no automatic doors, pick up counter...
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