Panera Bread Marketing Mix Proposal

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Signature Frozen Yogurt

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Executive Summary
For the past 28 years we have been committed to offering a wide variety of healthy entrée options at the highest quality for a reasonable price, however, we have never offered a selection of healthy option desserts and therefore have decided to launch a new product, the Signature Frozen Yogurt. This product is a secret blend of all-natural ingredients. One of the most important ingredients is real nonfat milk, which has been certified by the National Yogurt Association to carry the Live and Active Cultures. Regardless of the flavor, our crispy and tangy yogurt is designed to awaken the senses and blend perfectly with each of our freshly cut fruit toppings. It is low in fat, contains no cholesterol, no preservatives, is fortified with calcium, and is made of the highest ingredients. The competitive advantage of this product is the place the product will be sold, at our already established cafés. The café already draws in customers and now to complete their meal, instead of having to travel elsewhere for a healthy option desert, they have it already where they are eating, which means no extra traveling costs, or planning is required. The convenience factor is now added which is a very important in the American lifestyle today. Unlike the fast food competitors, our new dessert will keep us at the top of the fast-casual, bakery-café industry by continuing to provide for the millions of Americans who are looking to eat healthy. While competitors are struggling to keep up with today’s prominent healthy-eating trend, we remain a valuable asset to the cause. We will use mass marketing techniques in order to target our chosen market for the newly created Signature Frozen Yogurt .The initial market will consist of New York and California, two places which have seen a growing trend in the market for frozen dessert. The population will consist of individuals roughly between 19-35 years of age, both male and female individuals that come from the upper middle class, are health-oriented, and currently frequent Panera Bread, but rarely eat dessert because of the poor healthy choices currently offered, and is currently measured at approximately 7, 927, 516 individuals.

We will use price skimming for our pricing strategy. In the past we have not needed to cut the prices of our food as a way to bring in customers. Our company is known to have great quality, and you may have to pay a little extra for it. Since we are an already well-established bakery chain, we have the ability to have the product enter the market with the price skimming strategy. We feel like this strategy best fits our company image as a whole, and will fit in with the prices of our other products. For the communications strategy, our media mix will be fairly standard for a new product being introduced at the national level. We will use mass media exposure. We will use TV, Magazines, Internet, and Outdoors. With TV we will have a wide reach, and will be able to target our demographic specifically through certain TV shows and time slots. We have written, shot and edited our own TV spot for the new product. We have used our original slogan “A loaf of bread in every arm…Signature Frozen Yogurt in every hand”, as well as a summertime theme associated with our frozen yogurt. We will also use magazines, the Internet with our website, Facebook, Twitter, sales promotions including coupons and samples. We pride ourselves in making our bread, salads, sandwiches, and all desserts fresh daily. The actual ingredients used to make these delicious entrees, however, are provided by our own distribution center. We use a vertical marketing channel in which the members act as a unified system in all three stages- manufacturing, wholesaler, and retailer, and each level has an increase of formalization and control. Our goal in introducing the Signature Frozen Yogurt into the described market is to increase...

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