Panera Bread Case

Topics: Competition, Competitor analysis, Franchises Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: October 25, 2008
Panera Bread Report
First of all, this company is doing great. To big changes in strategy should not be done. The question is how to grow. I have put my efforts in finding problems that may occur while growing rapidly, and which strategies Panera Bread must concentrate on to manage a sustaining rapid growth without falling in to those potholes.

1.How to expand sales of evening meals, where there is more direct competition in finer dining? 2.The growth plan is very optimistic, how to ensure that the market is large enough for our focused differentiation strategy? 3.How to communicate effectively with companies franchises to keep them consistent in quality, service and strategic moves, with the company owned cafes? 4.Starbucks, subway and other competitors have offers similar to ours in dining. How to react if a strong competitor moves in to our territory of business? 5.How to manage the distribution to own bakeries and franchises, especially of fresh dough, while growing in rapid speed?

1.Create an online system with news and trends in the market for franchisees. System should include forums where franchisees can communicate. Here they can share problems and solutions, helping them staying competitive. 2.Stop doing distribution ourselves, and hire a company that professionally does this, e.g. DHL. They have the knowledge and capacity to help Panera Bread distribute even in rapid growth, while we can focus on our core business. 3.Drop the idea of expanding evening sales. The competition there is too fierce and customers needs do not match our advantages as well as for lunch and bread. Put effort in expanding number of lunch guests and catering sales instead. 4.Develop contingency plan which includes expanding to Canada if US market shows not being enough to meet goals.
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