Pandora Vs. Eve

Topics: Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, God Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: May 1, 2011
For over many years, woman has been the down fall to all humanity, the reason why, sin, hurt, pain, shamefulness, deceit and suffering are in the world. Temptation, lust, and vanity are the detriments supposedly beset by the first woman. Whether Eve or Pandora came first is irrelevant. They will be remembered as the ones responsible for ruining man and mankind forever so to speak. However, both stories should be explored to determine, in ways they can hold some similarity to each other, but in some ways different.

Both Greek and biblical stories hold account for the two women not to obey and refuse the rules given, both walked the earth as the first mortal women, both to be the first to marry and create the population of mankind. Nevertheless, the two are stories have more differences in the true background. Pandora was created out of revenge for the arrangement Zeus had stirred up for Epimetheus for compromising his orders. In his plan, Zeus ordered Hephaestus, the god of smiths, to craft a gorgeous woman out of earth and water; he governed the Gods to create the most perfect looking woman, to be the first mortal woman to walk the earth with men. The goddess of Love, Aphrodite adorned her with beauty, grace and desire; Hermes, the Messenger god, gave her cunning and boldness (or in the text, a bitchy mind and a cheating heart); Demeter showed her how to tend a garden; Athena taught her manual dexterity and to spin; Apollo taught her to sing sweetly and play the lyre; Poseidon’s gift was a pearl necklace and the god of sea promised her she would never drown, once done, the Four Winds breathed life into her, giving Epimetheus a wife.

Although the first woman on earth was too bestowed with unparalleled charm and beauty, Zeus also made her foolish, mischievous and idle. As a wedding gift to the new couple, Zeus gave Pandora a beautiful box and told her never to open it. With the gift of curiosity and an unopened box, the admiration to peek inside, Pandora...
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