Pandesal: Jackfruit Seed Flour as Substitute to Commercial Flour

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Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jackfruit) seed flour as substitute to commercial flour in making Pandesal
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Anton Abalos
Lance Bosch
Raphael Dabu
James Estrella
Jopee Pendoza

February 14, 2013

Chapter I: INTRODUCTION A. Background of the study
The proponents thought of testing Artocarpus heterophyllus (Jackfruit) seed flour as substitute to commercial flour in making pandesal. The availability of materials such as water, dough, and other baking materials would be easy and jackfruit seeds would make the bread healthier and pandesals are easy to make. Flour is a very important ingredient in making bread and the like. Many Filipinos of today likes to eat bread but because of increasing prices of flour and sugar, bread prices are also increasing. Commercial flour sometimes easily spoils. Instead we may use Jackfruit seed flour which is natural and has preservatives such as Commercialized pandesal may seem to be healthy but they don’t complete your dietary supplementary. This thought chose this experiment to find a healthier way for pandesals longevity to last longer. With this study, we will determine the effectiveness of extracts from the Jackfruit seed flour from the commercialized made pandesals. We would also produce a new product out of jackfruit seeds as flour for another substitution for expensive commercialized flour .Helping several and various people across the globe to consume less money and energy to have a good quality product. B. Objectives
This study aims primarily determine the acceptability of Jackfruit seed flour as a substitute to commercialized flour in making pandesal.

-Specifically aims to: 1.) Determine the nutritional content of Jackfruit seed flour. 2.) Test the Jackfruit flour in making pandesal in terms of

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