Panasonic Philippines

Topics: Problem, Technology, Christopher Nolan Pages: 3 (591 words) Published: December 13, 2012
May Sheryl J. Javierto
MBA - 1

I. Point of View

This paper is based on the information provided by the article and is divided into two sections. The first section discusses the problems or difficulties currently confronting the Panasonic Philippines. The second section offers suggestions that would allow Panasonic to address the difficulties it now faces.

II. The Problem
Productivity has dropped within the Department and employees there appear to have low motivation and confusion. How they intend to compete with giants electronic manufacturers from China and South Korea, is a big problem of Panasonic. Presently their warehouse is in a mess; products are mixed up and disordered. There is a severe backlog of customers’ orders. And customers have complained of pick-up errors. Ashton Javier, Director for Facilities and Safety, is in a dilemma on what to do to turn around the company’s warehouse and storage system.

III. Objective
The primary aim of this analysis is to determine whether demand and inventory are in balance or not in the company and what course of action is to be undertaken to resolve the existing problem on storage and delivery of products.

IV. Areas of Consideration
1. Panasonic Philippines, a branded name electronics manufacturer in Pasig, has been one of the leading electronic firms in the country. 2. Their products could not be shipped out of door because of poor storage and delivery system.

V. Alternative Courses of Action
Advantages| Disadvantages|
1. Technological changes will benefit the company because of its rich and deep stock of content. * Layout Master IV Simulation Software can implement new distribution design * Panasonic was able to increase the customers’ orders daily from 250 to 570 * The Technology eliminates order backlogs| 1. The Technology is costly and very expensive. Its cost ranging from...
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