Panama Media System Analysis

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Republic of Panama:
Overview of Culture and Media System
Country Description. The Republic of Panama or simply “Panama” was colonized by Spain in the 16th century until it joined a union with Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela to form the Republic of Gran Colombia in 1821. The latter was subsequently dissolved in 1830 but Panama remained as part of Colombia. Finally, in 1903, Panama seceded from Colombia.
Panama is the southernmost country in Central America and is situated between the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Its strategic location has made it a target for intervention by the US, which in 1989 invaded Panama to overthrow a former US ally, the dictator Manuel Noriega, and took control of the Panama Canal until 1999....

An American scholar, William Hachten, espoused media concepts identifying five (5) types of media systems across the world: 1) the authoritarian media system, wherein the media work for those in power and the elite; 2) the western media system, which is associated with freedom of the press; 3) the communist system, wherein the Communist party or the government owns and controls the media to manage its people; 4) the revolutionary system which is usually subversive or illegal and consists of underground media and is designed to depose the government; and 5) the developmental media system which is a variation of the authoritarian system wherein information is used for national development and individual rights are overlooked (Hachten,...

In the early 2000s, the use of computers and the Internet was becoming available to a growing number of households considered to be in high or middle socioeconomic classes, as well as in businesses, universities, and schools. Internet access is unrestricted and most of the magazines and newspapers in Panama have electronic versions. Panafax, the Panamanian news agency, also had an internet site. Panamatravel is an Internet travel magazine about Panama. There are also a lot of sites catering to expatriates residing in Panama, tourism promotion, and business opportunities. Moreover, indigenous groups in Panama were also been successful at taking advantage of these media to promote their products, tourism in their areas and their...
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