Pampers Marketing

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Pampers Marketing
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The purpose of this paper is to choose a brand and explain the company’s goals and direct marketing strategies. Goals and strategies to the correct targeted market can determine the failure or success of the product. Setting a company’s goal and strategies and making sure to succeed with the follow through can mean the success or the failure of the company. Pampers Diapers are a disposable diapers that are made by the company Procter and Gamble. One of their chemists named Vic Mills back in the 1950’s really disliked cleaning his grandchildren’s cloth diapers, so he began to study how to make diaper changing easier. After many trials and errors, P&G finally developed a product that parents were pleased with in how they worked and the price. The diapers that were developed were named Pampers; “A better product fulfilled an unmet consumer need, delivered a better user experience, and created better total consumer value” (Lafely & Martin, 2013). Pampers later got some competitors (Huggies and Luvs) which they had a better shaped designs, and gained some of Pamper’s consumers. Pamper’s changed their design and put in millions of dollars into the design and marketing strategies. The new Ultra Pampers was a success and put them ahead of Luvs, but not Huggies. Each of the company’s designs was very similar which is not a real reason to switch diaper brands. In July 2013, Pampers launched a new campaign called “Love, Sleep, and Play”; this campaign gives parents a chance to share pictures of their babies to many people over social network. Parents can upload pictures of their baby loving, sleeping, and playing in their diaper brand, and once this is done Pamper will choose pictures to post to their different social network pages. “Mary Woods, communication manager of North America for Pampers, says social is a natural environment for the brand's customers because it's where they already converse...

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