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Topics: French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI of France Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Anti-Revolutionary Movement:
Edmund Burke, frightened by French likings of English radicals published his Reflections on the Revolution in France. He predicted anarchy and dictatorship for France. He advised English to accept a slow adaptation of their own English liberties. He denounced a political philosophy that was based on abstract principles of right and wrong declaring that every people must be shaped by its own national circumstances.

Emigres – people, at first nobles, who feared the revolution and settled in various parts of Europe and began using their international aristocratic connections. Preached holy war against evils of revolution.

Miranda – Venezuelan general in French army.
William Pitt – British Prime Minister, resisted war cries of Burke. Tried and failed plan for reform of Parliament and now concentrating on a policy of orderly finance and systematic economy. Insisted internal affairs of France were of no concern to British government. Leopold II – Brother to Marie Antoinette. Austrian Hapsburg emperor. Told Marie Antoinette to adjust herself to conditions in France. Declaration of Pillnitz – Leopold met with king of Prussia in Saxony – Leopold would take military steps to restore order in France if all the other powers would join him. Aim to mainly rid himself of French emigres. Girondins – party of international revolution. dominant faction of Jacobins. For a time became the advanced party of the Revolution and in the Legislative Assembly led France into war –resisted radicalness of 2nd phase. Included Condorcet, humanitarian lawyer Brissot, and civil servant Roland and his wife, Madame Roland, whose house became headquarters to the group. Francis II – succeeded Leopold II. More inclined than Leopold to yield to clamors of old aristocracy. Resumed neogtiations with Prussia.

In France, all who dreaded a return of the Old Regime listened more readily to the Girodins Brunswick Manifesto – declared that if any harm befell the...
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