Palm Case Innovating for Cash

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Essay for Palm Case and Innovating for Cash
For the palm pilot product, Jeff has chosen the orchestrator model. The Pilot is designed after the failure of the Zoomer and base on the data which was obtain though the feedback of the Zoomer. For the Pilot, Palm didn’t try to do all the things themselves as an integrator. They keep the strictly control on the design and development of the product which is the most important and direction of the product. But in the meanwhile, Palm assign the less technical work like packaging, appearance and manufacturing to other partner companies. In these process, Palm is very cautious in their control in the design part and also the protection of the intellectual property since this is very essential in orchestrator model. For the distribution and marketing part, Palm allow themselves to be acquired by US Robotics and use share their channel in the market. They also manage to their independence and flexibility. In conclusion, for the pilot, palm control and focus on the product design and development part and cooperate with other company and factory for the rest. In such great competition context and considering that Palm is just start at that time, this is the best way for them. They use very limit resource to development and manufactory the pilot in a fast pace and successful put it into market. With a brilliant concept in what product they should make, Palm has cooperated with the partners well and finally became the market leader at that time. Generally, the previously product of Palm, the Zoomer, also use the orchestrator model. Both of them find some partners for the work like manufacture while keeping the essential idea of the product in-house. But there are several difference between the Zoomer and Pilot. At the time of Zoomer, the company didn’t have its own operating system and the Graffiti technology. So it’s actually lack in the essential idea to direct the product as an orchestrator. Also for the Zoomer, it didn’t...
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