Pallister Furniture: SWOT Analysis

Topics: United States, Economics, Mexico, Cost / Pages: 7 (1203 words) / Published: Mar 19th, 2005
Palliser Furniture is an innovative and growing company that has an established brand name representing high quality items at affordable prices Over the recent years Palliser has experienced strong market growth, much of which is coming from the United States. Because of this market growth Palliser is in need of a competitive edge to compete with its competitors in the U.S.

To compete with the others firms in the market Palliser is looking to expand into foreign markets. This expansion will alleviate some problems Palliser is having with labor costs as well as establish a foothold in new markets. Options include expanding manufacturing operations into Mexico, which would allow for low productions costs and allow Palliser to gain market entry into South American and United States. Open facilities in the United States. Finally, Palliser has an opportunity in the Asian market. With the cooperation of existing firms in China, Palliser can broaden in market span my forming a joint Venture.

SWOT Analysis Palliser

Internal Analysis- Strengths.

Brand Name Recognition: Palliser has high brand name recognition especially domestically in Canada with the majority of its revenues are generated and it is known for its innovation, high quality, and contemporary design.

Foundation and History: Palliser is a family run business in which the family members have more invested in the company than the outside partners do. Since 1964 Palliser has experienced strong sales and market growth because of it ability to innovate and expand. The introduction of the leather furniture line proves that Palliser is on top of research and development. Palliser was able to foresee the increased demand in this untapped market and flourish on its growth and opportunities. This also allowed Palliser to move away from traditional designs into lighter "life style" fashions.

Strong Corporate Strategy: Roger Friesen's strategy is to not just focus within Canada, but also to pursue new venture in

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