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I’m sure everyone is aware of the war that is taking place in Palestine at the moment, but not all of us know the reason why it is happening. Being one of those people I decided to do some research and make it my position to inform you, so you wouldn’t be in the darkness as well. The Israeli- Palestinian conflict started off in the 20th century and from then onwards it has been an ongoing battle between the Zionist and the Arabs. They have been fighting for over 60 years, and each war, each death; each act of terrorism, only deepens the hatred and the unwillingness to give in to the other side.

The conflict between them exists because of what both sides believe. The Israelis believe that they are entitled to the land now known as Israel; while the Palestinians believe that they are entitled to the land they call Palestine. Unfortunately, both sides claim the same land; though they are called by different names. For religious Jewish Israelis and religious Muslim Palestinians, the belief is deeper, both sides believe that God gave them the land, and to give it up to another religion is an insult to God and a sin. After World War 1 the Jews came into Palestine. Arabic-speaking Muslims were the dominant ethnic group at that time and many Arabs were willing to sell land to the incoming Jews .Other Palestinian Arabs were worried about becoming a minority in a country they considered their own. And guess what? That worry became true. The Arab Revolt was focused at both the British and the growing Jewish population. At this time, a new movement called "Zionism" began in the late 1800s, which influenced many Jews from around the world to move to Palestine to reclaim their ancient "homeland" of Israel. When the British left Palestine, the Jews declared independence of the new State of Israel. From here onwards the Jews have been killing so many Muslims each passing day, driving the Palestinian Muslims away. The Muslims are now moving to neighbouring countries as...
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