Paleothistic Period

Topics: Prehistory, Pleistocene, Stone Age Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Human technological and social developments have always fostered the rapid movement of people throughout the globe. The Paleolithic Era, 60,000 BCE 10 12,000 BCE, was no exception to mass migrations. Some may believe that those living during the “Stone Age” would not be able to move from continent to continent, however, it is quite possible that did. There are many reasons that can help support the idea that early humans moved around quite easily in their time. I believe explaining where, why, and how they moved will help most people understand how our ancestors moved around without airplanes or automobiles.

Those who lived during the Paleolithic Era could have moved to many different places. However, there are some clues as to where they moved to. As said by National Geographic the Stone Age began right as the Ice Age ended. This made some paths from Africa to Asia easier to pass with primitive boats. After entering Asia, the early humans spread out little by little with every generation that was born. A burial site in Australia that is over 45,000 years old suggests the time period when our ancestors migrated to Australia. Since all of the ice had not melted when the Stone Age began, many people could have crossed the land bridge that many believed to have connected Asia to present-day Alaska. To conclude, ancient humans moved to many places during the beginning of the Stone Age.

Some may be more confused as to why so many people would leave there homes to move to unknown lands. Well, in the beginning most human beings were hunters and gatherers. When a great deal of people are all hunting and gathering near each other, the animals, wild fruit, and vegetables tend to grow scarce. Hence many hunters and gatherers were nomadic, and kept moving around to, in a way, follow the food. Even though fruits and vegetables will most likely grow back, some could not wait months and months for food to grow back. In summary, early humans were used to moving around a lot...
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